Darth Vader - Episode IV - A New Hope


Below are some pictures of my chest & shoulder armor.  You can see the strapping system I employed to hold the shoulder bells to the chest armor, plus the padding I added.  I also added two snaps to the under side of the front chest area to attach the chest box straps, plus added two snaps on the neck area to attach the cape.

Next are some of the pattern pieces I created for the inner robe/surcoat.

front panels

close up of front panel top

back panel (cut on fold)

back panel top



Breathing mp3 files:

Vader Breathing Sample 1 - 7 seconds - 119 KB

Vader Breathing Sample 2 - 1 hour - MONO sound - 57 MB

Vader Breathing Sample 3 - 1 hour - STEREO sound - 57 MB

Breathing WAV file: Sample 1 - 4 seconds - 202 KB