Star Wars in Concert - Oma-"Hoth", NE 12/8/09

This day was the start of a blizzard that dropped 10" on Omaha and created drifts of 3+ feet!  The Official Star Wars Website dubbed us "Oma-Hoth"! Front Page!

Chancellor Palpatine

Coruscant backdrop

Royal Guards




Jedi Kurt!?

Plo Koon

Plo close up

Kit Fisto

Kit's robes

Kit's Dreds

Kit close up

Han in Carbonite

Carbonite side panel

Guard helmet top

Guard helmet front

Guard helmet side

B-wing helmet

Ep III Officer

Niemoidian Guard

Beardius and Leiasolosinger!

Denny, Moose, & Jen!

Christy, Keira, & Hailee

Video sample