Omaha Royals Baseball Game

 Omaha, NE  8/1/08

501st Central Garrison Invades Rosenblatt!

501st Central is in the house!

After Brad Vader threw 1st pitch

Brad E as Vader

Brad E as Vader

I'm on the field!

Vader is Honorary 2nd Base Umpire

Meeting with the coaches

Coaches make small talk

Kurt's the MAN!

Hailee meets Vader

TK who?

My Vader

Kiss of Darth!

The Carmichaels, Beth, & Lord Vader

Aaron & Maria


Kylie, Misty, & Kira

Sith eyes!

Kira Cardwell

Kylie looks fuzzy!

Troopers eat too!

Taking a food break

Beth & Boba Fett

In the break room

Keira, Aunt Colleen, & Lesa

Beth, Sabrina, & Uncle Lee

My Friend Carol

Video: Vader (Brad) throwing 1st pitch

Video: Vader (Rob) as honorary 2nd Base Umpire - 1

Video: Vader (Rob) as honorary 2nd Base Umpire - 2

Smaller Pictures