This is one of the original Imperial Officer uniforms used in Episode IV - A New Hope

A custom made belt box with an opening lid for storage

Here is my home-made rank bar.

new rank bar

Rank Bar Version 3

Vader's gloves from Ep IV - A New Hope

Pieces to my vader belt boxes

Holster Pattern for DL-44 Blaster (1980 Kenner Version)

Workspace for Vader parts

Belt Box parts A

Belt Box parts B

Re-painted Shin Guards, saber, cape chain

Saber and Chain close up

Screen and Mesh for mouth & chin vents

Primed chest & shoulder armor


Belt box knobs and red lights

Vader FX saber in light

Vader FX saber in dark

LED Circuit test 1

LED Circuit test 2

Semi-Completed Boxes

Dooku Saber LED in lights

Dooku Saber LED test in dark

Wired up belt box

Completed Boxes 1

Completed Boxes 2

Completed Boxes 3

Finished Belt 1

Finished Belt 2

Ep IV Vader Publicity Photo

Finished Chest / Shoulder armor

Satin Black paint undercoat

Matte Black coat 1

Resin Chest Box Parts

Correct, to scale layout of Chest Box from ANH

Cod Piece

Finished Paint 1

Finished Paint 2

Finished Paint 3

Almost Done 1

Almost Done 2

Almost Done 3

This is the original robe worn by Sir Alec Guiness in 1977.

Original Rebel Fleet Trooper shirt

Original Rebel Officer jacket

PVC saber progress A

PVC saber progress B

Belt A

Belt B

Belt C

Belt D

Jedi Starfighter - Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Logo pics