This Stormtrooper costume is made from craft foam sheets and an old Don Post helmet from the 1990s.

I basically just had a 12" stormtrooper action figure standing next to me as I had my daughter wear a cheap pair of thermal pants and shirt.  I then drew the armor shapes on the thermals, she took them off, and I cut out along the armor lines.  I then adjusted for the stretchiness of the fabric by drawing the foam templates bigger than the fabric.  With some minor adjustments here and some major adjustments there, she has functional, soft armor to troop in!


I will soon add a tutorial, but for now you can see some of the pattern pieces.

Right Thigh

Left Thigh

Shoulder Bell pattern

left is unfinished, right is partly finished

stapling shown on inside curve of shoulder bell

Upper back

Upper back again

Right Forearm

Right & Left Forearms

Chest showing both pieces

Chest completed


Also, she wants a clone trooper set now too.  I tried to find a smaller clone helmet about the same size and quality as the old Don Post Stormtrooper helmet, but wound up with this piece of junk from Rubies.  As you can see, it is huge!  It is also pretty thin and does not stay together well.