Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus



From ". . . in "Nightsisters," [which aired at] 8:30 (7:30 Central) on Friday, January 7th, viewers [saw] the evil Separatist leader in his jammies. For enterprising fans looking to develop their own comfortable Dooku costumes, here is a description of the outfit from the series lead designer, Kilian Plunkett.

"So, Dooku sports the finest silk easy-fit trousers and a matching side-opening silk blouson in dark gray-blue with a midnight blue collar and sash," says Plunkett. "His front pocket is monogrammed and the sleeves are accented by finely embroidered patterning running down their sides. The ensemble is finished off with hand-stitched kid leather charcoal moccasins. Available in three sizes: Old, Angry and Angry Old."

So, how awesome was it for the official Star Wars website to provide such a detailed description of this costume, with pictures no less!  For approval requirements of the 501st Legion, I wrote the following detailed reference.


Hair: The hair is not parted. It is combed straight back from a slight widow's peak at the front. At the sides, the hair curves around until it is parallel with the sideburns. In the back, the hair is off of the neck. Hair should be colored or dyed white.


Beard/moustache: You can either use your own facial hair, or high quality costuming facial hair. The moustache covers the area between the nose and lips, then tapers off past the edge of the lips and joins into the beard. Beard is full and (Optional) extends to a point at the chin. It tapers slightly as it goes up the sides of the face until it meets the sideburns. Facial hair should be colored or dyed white.


Shirt/Tunic:  Dark Grey-Blue fine silk or silk-like material in a wrap around style.  A snap or other attachment method can be used at the meeting point of the collars.  The material should not be shiny, but dull in appearance.  Lining should be dark midnight blue that extends to become the collar. 


Shoulder/Sleeve pattern: The shoulders and sleeves should have an accurate pattern either embroidered or screen printed as shown in the pictures. 


Pocket & Monogram: Left chest pocket should have accurate monogram either screen printed or embroidered as shown in the pictures.  Pocket comes to a point in the middle of the bottom.


Sash: The sash is approximately 3-4 inches in width and made of the same material and dark blue color as the collar/lining.  It wraps around the waist and ties on the wearer’s right hip.  It should be long enough to wrap around, tie, and hang to approximately mid thigh.


Pants: The pants are made of the same dark grey-blue material as the shirt/tunic and lined with the same dark blue material of the collar/sash.  The pants are undecorated with a crease down the front of the legs.  The pants are hemmed at the ankle.


 Slippers: These should be made of a charcoal grey leather/leather-like material.  The soles should be black and have no discernable heel.  The seam lines of the CGI model should be followed as shown in the pictures.



Lightsaber: MR or EFX Dooku 1:1 replica, equivalent looking resin-cast, or Hasbro Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus FX Lightsaber. No Rubies saber.


Lightsaber clip: If included, it must be a Covertec clip placed on the sash directly over the left hip.

Here are pictures of my full pajama costume.