Phase I Clone Trooper

Clone Trooper Reference Pictures/Screen Captures

April, 2010 - The armor is finished and has already been through 3 troops!


March, 2010 - A lot of weathering of the armor has been done.  All that is left is to finish up the lower legs with their magnetic attachments, then weather those.  Next step is to add my attaching method - snaps/velcro/magnets, depending on what pieces are getting attached.  The belt boxes are coming along slowly but nicely.  I'll need to paint and weather them, then attach to the belt.  Also working on the thermal detonator along the back of the belt.  Still need to fill in the seams on the DC-15 Rifle.

chest plate

ab plate

kidney plate

cod plate

butt plate

shoulder bells

left arm

right arm

elbow plates

thigh pieces

lower leg back

lower leg front

Originals on top, resin casts on bottom


Late February, 2010 - The DC-15 Blaster Rifle is coming along.  I'm almost done with it.  It will be in two pieces.  I plan on molding these "masters" and then casting in lightweight plastic for my trooping blaster.

February, 2010 - Even slower progress.  I've got the boots completed including weathering.  I've started priming the armor now that I have all the seams filled and sanded.  The blaster is almost built and then I'll have to paint it.  I've got 3 of the 8 belt boxes done.

clean boot

weathered boots

painting set-up

December, 2009 - Slow and steady progress.  I've got all the pieces glued together and awaiting the treatment to make them seamless.  I've started molding the belt boxes and have made a lot of progress on the shoes.  With the help of my daughter, I managed to test fit the armor using masking tape to temporarily hold it together.

Ready for molding rubber

1 box and shoe disc molded

Chest slots cut

DC-15 partial

Front test fit

Back test fit

Mid-October, 2009 - I've made some progress on the belt.  The base belt is made from a 2-1/2" wide leather belt blank and the accent pieces are made from a second 2-1/2" wide leather belt blank.  Here's how it looks unpainted, with the boxes in place.

October 1, 2009 - Finished the masters for the belt boxes.  Now to just shoot a coat of primer on them to seal the wood, and mold them in rubber.

Late September 2009 - I started working on the belt.  I decided to make my own belt boxes out of wood, then mold in rubber, then cast in resin or foam.  Here's what I have so far.

I tried doing some detail work with a coping saw, but could not follow the straight line.  I had to start over with those pieces and will try a router with a straight edge guide.

September 2009 - I'm in the process of trimming the armor pieces down to the correct width and shape, but I've run into a small snag.  I've got relatively skinny lower legs and after trimming the shin and calf pieces for the left leg, they definitely do not match up.

Even the overall length is different.  In the above pics, I've aligned the tops of the two pieces and you can see how much longer the calf piece is compared to the shin.  I am seeking help from some other clone troopers.

August 2009 - I've got the armor now and here are some lovely pics.

July 2009 - The helmet is pretty much completed.  I painted a couple coats of black primer, then gray primer, then finished with a top couple coats of white primer.

Next, I sanded some parts down to add scuff marks and blaster "hits".  The dirt/grime was added by dry brushing black acrylic.  I've also added two LED lights in the "tail fin".  I added the screens behind the mouth, side vents, and back vent as well as added the lens/visor.  At this point, I am calling this helmet done.  I just need to add some fans and then wait for the armor!

Left: my helmet

Right: screen capture


June 2009 - I've finally done some work on the helmet.  I've cut out the lens/visor area and rough cut the mouth vent holes and side vent holes.  I just need to make the cuts smoother and more even.

Spring 2009 - I've very recently started work on a clone trooper from Attack of the Clones.  So far, all I have are the unmodified shoes and the raw helmet casting. 

Below are comparison pics of a true sized Jango Fett Helmet (left), my Clone Helmet (middle), and a Rubies P.O.S. Clone Helmet (right).